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Ron Nelson

Owner / Course Director

Ron Nelson In 2012 I took my PADI open water, and was quite amazed on how tranquil and relaxing diving was. In 2015 I made the decision to go pro and became a PADI Divemaster, which was an amazing experience to see new open water students take their first breath underwater. The look on the students face and how it made both the instructor and I feel knowing that something we love to do so much can make others feel the same way, I was hooked. August 11, 2016 I became a PADI Open Water Instructor and what an amazing accomplishment for myself as now I instruct students on how to take their first breath underwater, no words can describe the feeling you get when you look into their eyes while they take that first breath, absolutely amazing. I had no urge to go further up the PADI ladder, but somebody had different plans for me.

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In 2018 my son was diagnosed with cancer, while doing his treatments a lot of kids would ask me about my diving tattoos and how they wished they could go diving. I contacted PADI to see if this could become reality for these kids and later that year I became a DDI Instructor (Disabled Divers International Instructor) where I learned how to teach students with disabilities (blind, paraplegic, autistic) how to dive. I am affiliated with Children’s Wish Foundation, anyone who wants to dive and can have their doctor sign off on them, PADI Canada and myself will teach that student and their family free of charge.

In August I also became a Master Scuba Diver Instructor, then IDC Staff Instructor, and in April 2021 I achieved Master Instructor status. For someone who just wanted to be an instructor and nothing more I started moving up the PADI Ladder and instructing more and more students to blow bubbles underwater. On May 16, 2022 and 700+ student certifications I achieved my end goal, I am now a PADI Course Director (1% of divers achieve this) now not only do I still get to teach students to blow bubbles underwater, now I also get to teach instructors how to teach students to blow bubbles under water. I hope to see and meet you out blowing bubbles someday….

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Jai Guillemaud

IDC Staff Instructor

Traveller, Adventure Seeker, Underwater Enthusiast

After snorkeling "The Great Barrier Reef" I couldn't wait to become a certified diver. My Open Water Diver certification opened the underwater world of the heroes I admired; James Bond, Jules Verne and, the most famous explorer of modern times, Jacques Cousteau.

Some of my favourite Dives. Cozumel has been a fantastic place with its coral reefs, pelagic fish, C-53 Xicotencatl wreck and the secret underworld of the Cenotes.

The Titan 1 Nuclear Missile Silo was one of the most unique environments I have descended into. The smell of rusted metal was as thick as the tension of the Cold War as I dove into the history of the US ICBM program.

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The breath taking beaches and stunning turquoise lagoons of Rarotonga and Aitutaki make The Cook Islands an incredible experience. Scuba diving with the beautiful reef fish, octopus, turtle, white tip reef shark, spotted eagle rays and a "Humpback Whale" made me want to stay forever!

After convincing a few "ICE Diving" buddies to attend a PADI Pro night, thinking we would just leave if it was uneventful, the presentation captivated us and we all signed up for this unparalleled adventure of a lifetime!!

There are a lot of Courses and Specialties I love teaching. Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, and Deep are some of my favourites, but my passion is “ICE Diving". This extreme specialty allows you to confront extreme conditions and see beauty few others ever experience.

Whether I'm teaching Open Water, Night or Project Aware's Conservation of Sharks, seeing the courage, confidence and passion of my students is always rewarding and I've made some great friends from the sport. It's one of the many reasons I love being an Instructor.

Come dive with me and have Fun!!

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Thomas Owens

IDC Staff Instructor

Bio Coming Soon

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Noelle McCusker

IDC Staff Instructor

I was 11 when I got my junior open water license. I spent most of my childhood in competitive lifeguard and swim club, and eventually I got tired of having to surface for air! When I was 19, I took a summer internship down in Roatan where I earned my instructor certification. I worked on some amazing coral reef conservation projects and made friends from all around the world! My favourite course to teach is the PADI Open Water course because I love seeing people experience the underwater world for the very first time! I am super excited to be joining the team at GWS and I cannot wait to take you diving!

Heather Bio Image

Heather Morton

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Growing up in Nova Scotia, I spent all my spare time at the beach and in the water. I am at home in and under the water!

The moment I took my first breath underwater, I found my zen. That was 2005 and I loved sharing this amazing sport with friends, family and people I meet. This lead me to signing up for my advanced course, then Dive Master and finally becoming an Instructor in 2011.

My passion for scuba diving has taken me all over the world; meeting amazing people with some of my favourite places to dive have been Sardinia, Italy, Belize and Roatán.

Ron Bio Image

Ron Chernick

Van Island Dive Master

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Graham Bio Image

Graham Pond


I was introduced the world of diving by pure chance while on a trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2013. Instead of practicing snorkeling with the tour group, I got kitted up and did my Discovery Dive with a DM and was instantly hooked!

I received my Open Water certification later that year, and my Advanced Open Water a couple of years after that. Now, with the most excellent tutelage of Instructors like Ron Nelson, Jai Guillemaud, and Thomas Owens...I have certified up to Dive Master with an aim of becoming an Instructor.

Diving has become my "zen" space. Never am I more aware of everything around me and of myself and yet still be at complete peace. The sights I have experienced and adventures I've been on have given me a whole new appreciation of the world just can't be achieved any other way.

And now, I get to take a hand in introducing others to this world!!

Doug Bio Image

Doug French


In 1996 I completed my PADI Open Water Course in Cold Lake Alberta. I found that diving was a activity that I had a passion for. Diving around the world and meeting other divers I decided to become a PADI Divemaster in 2017 to help teach students to become Divers and Experience their thrill of breathing underwater is amazing.

Dwain Bio Image

Dwain Habijanac

Shop Hand / Advanced Open Water

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Ian Bio Image

Ian Campbell

Shop Hand / Advanced Open Water

When I decided to dive and took my lessons from Ron Nelson and became certified I never thought of the freedom of the underworld of the oceans and seas that I was about to explore. I have always said it is never too late to learn new adventures and I was 58 when I became certified so a person is never too old. Most people learn to ride bikes but not too many can say they have learned to Scuba dive and I wanted to be part of that group. There is no turning back and I’m enjoying all the aspects of being a Certified Scuba Diver.

Ian Bio Image

Donna Nelson

Customer Service / Advanced Open Water

So back in 2014 I thought I would surprise Ron by learning how to scuba dive It took me a bit to learn to float but I did it and then did my pool and class Ron and I then went to Belize on the live aboard so I could get my dives in when I did this with all I saw and did I was hooked I got to meet of new people and have made a lot of new friends that I would call family now that Ron has his dive shop I guess I will be meeting more people and having a lot more fun blowing bubbles with you all.

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